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Every so often I find myself needing to refer to somebody – a friend, work colleague etc in these pages. The difficulty is I can’t just refer to them in passing, as that would assume prior knowledge of them by you, my loyal readers. And nobody likes reading things which are littered with in-jokes that they don’t get.

It occurs to me now that both of the readers of my blog actually know each other, so perhaps all of this is unnecessary, but I have to consider my roadmap towards world blogging domination and online superstardom. It is surely only a matter of time.

So, anyway, in order to avoid confusion from people who don’t know my friends well, I have to introduce said friends carefully to give a little context so that everyone gets the joke.

However, I have a cunning plan, which as well as addressing this thorny issue might also serve to make the blog slightly interesting as well. The idea is, I will create a page for each of the characters/reprobates that seem to keep cropping up in these pages, which will include a brief description of their character (defects) and a photo. Each time I refer to them you can click on their name to view their character page. You will also be able to access their pages from a list on the right hand side. I would like to say now that I can’t necessarily promise to provide a well-rounded description of their character, it being my own subjective assessment.

Will be happy to receive photographic contributions of these characters when they begin to appear, either from the characters themselves or others… also you are welcome to enhance my descriptions, although they won’t be editable, so you’ll have to send your thoughts to me…

Wiseman, being the most frequently name-checked person on this blog, is first up.. check him out!

12 thoughts on “Blog characters”

  1. Quindo, this is the greatest idea I have ever seen! Taking the blogosphere into a new dimension… there is a very small chance I will steal this very idea and claim it as my own!

  2. aha!

    I have discovered the problem, the link is relative, you should put the full URL in. If someone is clicking on the link from somewhere other than the main page, ie the page that shows just your “blog characters” post, the link will point to the wrong place.
    I came via an RSS feed, they take you straight to the individual page rather than the main page.

  3. Mr Quinn – re: Ken’s post and your response…

    You fixed the link? How come I can’t read Wiseman’s stunning entry then? The URL still seems messed up.


  4. …sigh…

    Both worked ok for me… but have hopefully fixed it all now. Really not sure I should be using html without adult supervision

  5. do you have the domain “” cos if you don’t the reason that it works is because firefox, and perhaps whatever browser you might be using on your mac, is really clever and redirects you to the correct address.
    I tried it on IE and it shouted at me.

  6. brilliant.
    That was one of the most amusing geeky conversations I’ve seen for a while… well – it was the flustered state I imagined Quinn to be in.

    Glad to see Kenny D and Friendly are included in the profiles.. was their a reference to the superman thong?!

  7. andrew i do like my profile i have however a much better photo for you to use it catches my best side i will send this to you

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