Ashes predictions

Ok folks, it’s time to lay your cards on the table, put your money where your mouth is, etc etc.

The First Test at Brisbane is only days away, and I have no doubt that you are all agog with anticipation (note to the literati, can one be agog with anticipation?) although perhaps not as intensely as Jones, whose love of cricket is something to behold.

So, how’s it going to pan out? Who will win? Will anyone in fact win, or will each match end in a draw, bewildering any Americans who come across the cricket news while scanning the channels for the Simple Sports results?

For those unfamiliar with cricketing parlance and nomenclature, the Ashes will consist of five Test matches, each of which could result in an Australian win, an English win, or a draw. Theoretically any of them could also be tied, which is different from a draw, but this last result is about as likely an event as Wiseman ordering a soft drink.

So the series could end up 5-0 to either team, or 0-0. It will not finish 7-5, as somebody somewhere has predicted. Neither 5-0 or 0-0 is terribly likely either, although Glenn McGrath, legendary Aussie fast bowler, is fond of predicting 5-0 Australian wins. He did this before the last Ashes in England last year. Unfortunately for him and Australia, he is getting on a bit, and ‘had a fall’ just before the 2nd Test, which England then won, and duly went on to take the series 2-1. So I wouldn’t place too much stock in his predictions.

However, an Australian win is considered likely by most pundits. I’m going to go for 2-2, which would be good enough for England to retain the Ashes. The Aussies have to win the series to get them back.

So, have a punt! Leave a comment with your best guess, by 12:29am on 23 November, and I will transfer it to the main page as soon as I get a chance. Whoever gets the right result might get a nice present from Australia. Nothing big of course, something small enough to fit in my suitcase, like Kylie Minogue. If a few of you get the right result, you’ll just have to share her…

3-1 Eng: Nasty Jen
2-1 Eng: AQ, Friendy
2-2: the Weir

2-1 Aus: Annie-Anne, Stephen
3-1 Aus: Diana, Colin Eye
3-0 Aus: Kenny D
4-1 Aus: Matt

18 thoughts on “Ashes predictions”

  1. There’s part of me wants to say 3-1 to Engerlund.

    There’s another part of me wants to say 4-0 to Australia.

    The bigger (and on-the-fence) part of me says 2-2 with some freak rain blamed by the Aussies for inexplicable resurgence of the Anglo-Saxons from 2-0 down with two to play, having drawn the first test.

    (I’m giving you enough rope for a tie-breaker here).

    However, I’d like it known that I am not interested in any Kylie prizes. Make it some indigenous instrumentation and I’ll be a happy boy.



  2. Quinn I thought of you and your strange cricket fascination last weekend. We were ministering in a church where one of the guys in the church played at this thing called the Prime Minister Eleven or something like that. I think his name was Adam Richards, anyway he scored a goal, or got a home run or whatever it is you call it but by everyone’s report he’s an up and coming cricket genius. There you go, who says I don’t have an interest in cricket – I am practically a cricket buff!

  3. Due to injury concerns I do feel that England’s chances would be greatly increased with some top quality physio input. Perhaps there might be a little space in your suitcase for the outward journey? Should my (obvious)talent be spotted in Oz there would be more room on the homeward journey for a bigger prize…

    With thoughts turning towards prizes: 2:1 to the Aussies (on the basis that not winning at all is better than having to share)

  4. “Is NO-ONE prepared to back England?!”

    Judging from the odds from Ladbrokes: No.

    Australia 4/9
    England 9/2
    Draw 3/1

  5. Andrew – I’ll dig “that” CD again, shall I? … you know the one…
    Pigeon’s pounding down like a machine
    Dizzy’s scarin’ batsmen – lookin’ mean
    Gilly’s gettin’ wickets
    Punter’s clearin’ pickets
    And Warney’s just the best we’ve ever seen

  6. Ha! Yeah, go right ahead, the last time you played it, Pigeon pounded down on a cricket ball and hurt his ankle (bless ‘im), Dizzy took 3 wickets in the series, and Gilly kept losing his wicket shortly after arriving at the crease (it’s behind you, Adam)… oh yeah and Punter lost his rag and his credibility as a captain. I’ve changed my mind. 2-1 England 🙂

    PS Warney was the best we’ve ever seen though!

  7. You Know Andrew i’m going to lay it on the line now. as a very patriotic Englishman with a scottish accent i’m going for 2-1 victory for England. Freddy is the greatest, and the aussies will be left weeping once again (that’s just because Diana is going back home though 🙂

  8. Just to make this cricket thing more interesting,(if thats possible),Shane Warne appeared on Neighbours a few weeks ago!

    Oh and I think that England will win 3:1.
    Too bad Heath Ledger cant fit in your suitcase!

  9. Why I’d be happy if England win;

    Because, it is a hard heart which cannot be moved by the archetypal English pastoral view. A crisp, white, linen clad Monty Panesar gambling across the green. You just want to bundle the little fella up, set him free in Lakes where he can gamble to his hearts content with all the rest of Gods little critters.

  10. Why I’d be happy if Australia win;

    Australia is my team of choice on the PS2 due to it being the only team I can play as which limits my score to “a defeat” by Quinn rather than “a total drubbing”.
    At night my prayers include that God add “Andorra” to the team listings in the up coming “Brain Lara 2007 for Xbox 360”, Quinn is SO playing as them.

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