Best of the blog

To give you a flavour of the blog, here are some of my favourite posts:

  1. Fifty Ways…: Along with many other earlier posts, this post was entirely made by the quality and wit of the comments.
  2. Cambridge, Day 3: I include this one mainly because, according to the site’s stats, this post was far and way the most popular I ever wrote. Still not entirely sure why.
  3. On ski lifts and snowboarders: Read all about the Quinny T-bar Manoeuvre here.
  4. The bed, the car and the bad-ass boyfriend: Tales from my attempts to integrate into US society
  5. Toilet Flushes and Girlfriends
  6. Skiing and the Porcelain Plateau: Tales from a ski trip, featuring Austrian-style toilets.
  7. The January Blues: turn-of-the-year musings from early 2019