Decision Time

Westin O’Hare Hotel

15 September, 6am CDT

I know objectively that this life change I’ve undertaken is a big decision, but when people point that out to me, while acknowledging that it’s true (it must be), I’ve felt like shrugging and smiling.

This has been one of the easier decisions I’ve had to make in my life. I’ve had more stress trying to work out what to do with a free Saturday morning (ok, I need to get this, this and this done…would make more sense to have breakfast at home, save time and money…BUT I would really like to have brunch at Indigo Yard…but that’s going to take up a bit of time, agh, agh AGH!) than I have making the decision to sell most of my worldly assets and head to the States.

This decision has been signposted by God to me through various means since the beginning, and he has smoothed the way all along. It has taken faith, but my experience has always been, and never more so than now, that he rewards you for stepping out in faith for him.

This morning I am faced with another big decision. My bag didn’t make it to Chicago (never mind Nashville) last night, and in my carry-on luggage I have a number of life’s necessities (such as a baseball mitt) but no underwear.

So, yesterday’s pants or go commando? Uncomfortable grottiness or the risk of being deported for indecent exposure at airport security when I have to take my belt off and my trousers fail to stay up..?


Chicago O’Hare Airport

15 September, 8am CDT

Now in O’Hare having a breakfast burrito and Pepsi. I feel it’s important to try to embrace American culture early on.

It’s tempting to say everything went wrong on yesterday’s journey, but the reality is that all the important things went right. That is, they let me in the country. And so two delayed flights and one missed flight, a missing bag with all my clothes and an important chocolate consignment for chez Jones in it, don’t seem so bad after all. And I got an overnight in a Westin hotel, which Alyn informs me is an upmarket Sheraton, and certainly felt like it, courtesy of AA. American Airlines, that is, just for clarification.

They also supplied me with a voucher for breakfast, which upon arrival at the hotel restaurant, I realised totalled $7. 

“What can I get for $7?” I asked my server.

“Uh, a coffee is $5.50, more like $6 including tax.


I had to resort to the Starbucks outlet in the lobby. The day can only improve from here 🙂

6 thoughts on “Decision Time”

  1. I think you need to get down with US lingo before you launch into discussions about your undies… however the clear compromise is to air them overnight and wear them inside out the next day!

  2. AQ I posted this yesterday so it might not have worked or u deleted it lol

    This is hilarious! I'm sitting in a&e in Santa Fe getting a deadly spider bite checked out whilst laughing my head off at your unfortunate pants misfortune while I have been sweating a fever these last 3 sausage days. I may need drips while you're crying and going on about smelly pants, missed flights and luggage! Lol has anyone ever taught you always to bring spare clothing AND clean underwear in case your luggage doesn't arrive?! Obviously not! Lol

  3. YF I got notification of the comment, but it never appeared on the blog for some reason!

    So just to clarify, I went for the yesterday's-underpants-inside-out strategy. Worked so well I am considering halving my underpant stocks as it's clear they're all good for two days' use.

    Btw I have always known that it makes sense to bring spare clothes/underwear in carry-on luggage, just never done it.

    And YF what are sausage days? And have you recovered from the deadly spider bite?

  4. You have started well. I am proud of you. Do they have M and S in Tennessee?
    As one of your less techno aware friends I will now see if I can post this. I am being invited to use html tags but don't know what they are…..

  5. Quinner!

    Well this is fascinating. Having no prior knowledge of your grand adventure (yes, I'm not very good at keeping in touch) I shall be tuning in to each update with bated breath.

    I wonder if, in time, I will find out such things as: What is Andrew doing in Nashville? Who is the mysterious Alyn. And since when did Andrew start brunching in Indigo Yard?

    But seriously, it sounds like you are on a life changing journey. Good luck my friend, and God bless everything that you do.

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