Donegal, Fri 26 October

Last day. No-one heard the mouse last night, including me, as I had earplugs in.

Gilly and Shazza once again did the honours in the morning, rustling up another cooked breakfast with enough baked beans to keep us flatulent for a few days.

Having had a roadtrip every day thus far, and with the weather not being so kind today, we decided to hang around the cottage. The weather cleared up in the afternoon, so we headed down to the beach for some more cricket.

Followed that up with some wave-jumping (hours of endless fun) with the waves at their biggest all week. Got fairly effectively soaked, but the three girls plotted, along with Wiseman, the traitor, to dump me in the sea anyway. Made sure they ended up more soaked than me.

Weather brightened up nicely by the end. Came back to the cottage for a shower and a roast dinner. Decided that, what with it being cold and clear, and us having a roast dinner, we might as well celebrate Christmas. So we did. Put on some Christmas tunes, and the girls came up trumps with some streamers and party hooters. They even provided some presents for Wiseman and I, Wiseman got a wee bottle of red, and I got a bottle of Calpol. Apparently I had been whining quite a lot about my injuries all week (who’d have thought?)

Watched a couple of slideshows of the week’s photos, and then retired to bed. Developed a pain in my ribs which personally I thought might have been a collapsed lung, but appeared to be nothing a couple of paracetamol couldn’t fix. Eventually got to sleep propped up on about 100 pillows.

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