Forum, singleness and graffiti, pt II

Ok, Part Two follows. Alyn Jones isn’t the kind of man you keep waiting. Alyn and his wife AJ have just announced they’re having a baby… Alyn bet you’re wishing there was a “Buy it Now” button à la ebay… only another 8 months to go mate, hang in there. Just for you and anyone else who found the second paragraph of my last post befuddling, the post ‘Ovalgate’ might help explain it.

Singleness. I’ve just recently finished reading a book on it – The Single Issue – which is excellent. In it the author explores what it means to be Christian and single, and develops what he calls a ‘practical theology of singleness’. This is much more interesting than it sounds 🙂 He encourages a view of singleness as equal to marriage, in that both have their advantages and disadvantages. He highlights the opportunities available to single people to travel freely and serve God without having to worry about their spouse or family, douses dreams of perfect romantic relationships with a large bucket of water, and revels in the freedom which having no children brings. He also observes that the church is generally more predisposed towards families, and in particular the ‘nuclear family’ which he considers misguided. He talks through the opportunities that a church singles group can bring, while acknowledging the pitfalls and problems associated with them. He himself heads up the singles group at his church.

I was so encouraged by reading the book that I considered writing to him to thank him. So I googled his name, Al Hsu, and up came his blog… complete with a soft focus photo of him, his wife and two children… the Nuclear Family no less… 🙂

What a betrayal. How could he?! Realistically, although this is mildly amusing, it doesn’t dilute the effect of his book at all. (I should probably point out that he was single when he wrote the book!) At no point does he denigrate marriage, he simply encourages a more positive view of singleness than us singles are liable to take left to our own devices. Well, I speak for myself. The book left me enormously encouraged and able to view my own singleness in a much more positive light than I have for years now. I’m sure you’re all delighted for me.

Someone who isn’t particularly delighted with me, for some reason, is the person who’s been leaving messages on my car windows. This began some time ago, when I arrived at my car one morning to find “I LUV U” on the passenger window, written with some unidentifiable substance. Not long after I’d washed that off, it was replaced with a four letter word that you wouldn’t describe as a term of endearment. I washed that off immediately, and just yesterday discovered my car with almost all the windows scribbled on. Bit less legible this time, but I think I made out a five letter term of non-endearment. Please don’t think too hard about these words… Anyway, suffice to say it’s growing a little tiresome. I don’t know whether it’s someone who actually knows me or just has taken a strong dislike to my car. In which case I’m grateful that they’re restricting themselves to plastering the remains of their kebab (or whatever it is) on my windows and not etching the words into the paintwork!

Time for bed. Alyn, let me know if there are any paragraphs here you don’t understand 😉

5 thoughts on “Forum, singleness and graffiti, pt II”

  1. hi Andrew, just like buses you wait ages for one then loads come along at once.

    That’s pretty weird about your car, I’m sure it’s not anyone that knows you, probably just some jealous person who doesn’t like folk with flash cars like yours.
    I know you said not too but I’m rather puzzled by the 5-letter term of non-endearment, maybe I’m just too innocent but i can’t think of anything.

  2. “He highlights the opportunities available to single people to travel freely … without having to worry about their spouse or family…”

    Gosh could you imagine how much more travelling I’d be able to do if I wasn’t married? ‘Cause you know, I’m itching to do more than a 100,000 miles this year 🙂

  3. Oh I hate it when people call me Aaziz (go on google it…then prepare to laugh). I also have to agree about the travelling bit – single people are blessed without strings of having a spouse…obviously owning a flat, car, having a job, etc gets in the way a little too…

  4. Ok, turns out I was mislead by a particularly ill informed web site that Aaziz was the Queen of Sheeba. Scrap that idea and go with them calling you aloof…there is no worse term. Or perhaps even Abada which apparently is an early name for a Rino (can you tell that I’m working through the ‘a’s here!

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