Manchester, Day 3

Pakistan 119 & 222, England 461/9 declared. England win by an innings and 120 runs.

The bars at Old Trafford opened at 11am. This photo was taken at 11.05am, and neither of these beers was for me. The man has an enormous capacity for beer.

So, England wrapped up the 2nd Test today with a fine bowling performance, ending up winners by some distance. Great result. Mercifully, the sun only made brief appearances during the day, otherwise my arms would have been in severe pain. The rain also came, but didn’t stay for long, and not much play was lost.

My enjoyment of England’s success was tempered slightly by the presence of two young lads to my left, who meticulously tore up a newspaper into tiny pieces between wickets falling, and then threw them about a foot into the air when a wicket did go down, so that the vast majority of them landed on my head. I felt like I’d just got married.

Speaking of which, myself and Wiseman were reflecting on our friendship on the way back up the road (actually at our obligatory stop-off at Annandale Water services). Being sans girlfriends at the moment, it occurs to us that one of us ‘plays the woman’ from time to time. By that I mean, changing our mind frequently and without warning, avoiding making decisions and then complaining at the decision the other made, this type of thing. We’ve yet to adopt the classic “What do you mean you don’t know why I’m upset?” behaviour but I can feel it coming. It’s like having a relationship without the good bits… 😉

Today, 29 July 2006, is significant not only because England romped to victory against Pakistan in t’cricket, but also because it marks 10 years to the day since I started work at with my current (and, to date, only) employer. No doubt if I was working for a recently de-mutualised company I would gain an extra 3 weeks’ holiday and a large TV to mark this milestone, but I daresay I’ll just have to settle for the kudos… 🙂

3 thoughts on “Manchester, Day 3”

  1. It’s somehow most gratifying to see Wiseman at the cricket. He had no interest in this wonderful game prior to sharing my flat for 4 months. I feel I’ve been a staging post on a journey. A very disappointing performance by our boys though. Hopefully we’ll bounce back, if not in the next test at least in the winter 🙂
    And congratulations on the anniversary. If you are going to sell your soul to big business, make sure you get a good price.

  2. If you worked for a recently demutualised company you’d get hee-haw…. okay, maybe a wee gift worth about 250pounds and extra few days off. To add to the 42 days you get already.

    But you wouldn’t get a car to drive. Or to get cups of tea made by lovely people across East Central Scotland. You know what I’m taking about.

    However, I must take issue with you and Wiseman taking turns at playing the lady.

    Please, please, please stop.

    Great to see you guys enjoying the cricket though. And Wiso loving the beer.

  3. Mate, you’re clearly in the wrong department. The other “commenter” on this post is only 3 weeks away from getting a luxury yacht…

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