Mark gets a Mac

Well, it’s nothing to do with cricket, but today marks a momentous occurrence… my good friend Wiseman has taken the plunge and purchased a Macbook… it’s taken a good few years of hard evangelism but he’s finally seen the light 🙂

I was just lying on my mum’s sofa, concerned with nothing more than digesting another sumptuous lunch, when I asked Mark what he wanted to do this afternoon… to which he replied “I think I’ll buy a Mac”. About 20 seconds later I realised what he said and practically fell off the sofa. About 20 seconds after that we were on our way to John Lewis.

On Thursday we head down to Manchester to watch Days 2 and 3 of the Second Test v Pakistan. Now that Mark also has a laptop we will be able to stick to purely digital communication for the two days. We might never need to actually speak to each other again…

3 thoughts on “Mark gets a Mac”

  1. Yay! Another convert! Woo hoo! Now just get ready for all the tech support questions. Wait, what am I talking about? He’s the tech guru – soon he’ll be the Mac Guru!

  2. Well done Wiseman….’Those who go Mac, never look back!’ – Who really wants to be PC anyway!!!

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