Second Test, the (slightly delayed) Aftermath

Well, that’s the Christmas shopping just about done, following my annual visit to the Frasers cosmetics department. Confronted by an overly-made up girl who asks if can she help me, I present the Christmas Shopping Male Panic Look, which combines unspeakable fear and an obvious need to go to the toilet, urgently. The Look does work, I can recommend it. I was out the door in five minutes.

Speaking of urgently needing to visit the bathroom, the last 24 hours or so has seen me in there rather more than I would have liked. Good old stomach bugs, eh. I can provide further, colourful details, including angles of projection etc, but only on request.

But back to Christmas shopping. The only present that remains to be bought is Wiseman’s tin opener. I have tried numerous outlets without finding the specific model I was after, but am confident I can still get him one that even he can use. But not in Habitat, which surprised me with its apparently total lack of avant garde tin openers, until I remembered that people who shop in Habitat simply don’t eat tinned food, darling.

Cricket: It has been a somewhat depressing week. Am going to refrain from making statements about the imminent demise of anyone’s careers. Even Damien Martyn’s. In fact, am quite probably not going to comment on cricket at all until Boxing Day. However, will try to update the blog more frequently until then, if only to prevent a build-up of terribly witty humour-at-my-expense in the comments section, as per the last post.

Finally, a quick thank you to Mr and Mrs Friendy for hosting a little soirée on Sunday night to mark my leaving. I had thought I was only going on holiday, but it would appear some people consider it more permanent than that… anyway it was a lot of fun. Perhaps not for the hosts as they were stuffed with the cold.

I shall miss my Edinburgh friends over Christmas and New Year, not to mention my family. But it won’t be long until I see them all again.

Contrary to some rumours, I have every intention of coming back!

4 thoughts on “Second Test, the (slightly delayed) Aftermath”

  1. Stomach bug or a few too many sausages…? As I said, fat or sick 😉 On that note, weren’t you the one to lecture me on the issue of ‘restraint’?

  2. This is a good post – shopping, Frasers( which is one of my favourite shops at the moment), cosmetics and hardly any cricket!
    Keep it up.
    PS: A wee hint about the lipstick incident – its always the quiet ones 😉

  3. Wwwwhhhhhooooooaaaaaaahhhhhhh Monty Monty! Monty Monty Monty Monty Panesar!!

    Sorry to bring it back to this Jen 😉

  4. Andrew, I hope you got lipstick that will protect you from the Aussie sun – it can be hot out there 🙂
    Jen – I suspect forthcoming posts will be limited in their cricket references (cue Australian collapse). Perhaps we’ll get to hear about visits to the Sydney branch of Frasers?

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