Watch this space

Ah. Now before you accuse me of crumbling like an Empire Biscuit in the face of so much opposition to my intended cessation of blogging activites, I really have stopped. This post is merely an interim measure to warn you that the blog might restart, unexpectedly, like Windows is prone to do when you’re in the middle of something important, during the next couple of weeks. In the not-too-distant future, quite a significant proportion of the chatroom membership are going to be spending a week holed up in a chalet in France, not far from n’importe quoi territory, in fact.

With so many loonies under one roof, including but not limited to the Haxtonmeister and his wife Mental Mo, there is simply too much potential for humorous reportage to hang up the typewriter just yet. It’s in the public interest. However, in order to preserve my integrity, and in fact increase your literary delectation, I have approached a particularly erudite member of the party with a view to them becoming OHFTC’s first guest blogger. So, provided we can find a wireless hotspot somewhere near Méribel, it may not be the end just yet.

But briefly… biscuits. Diana, that was a most unwise statement to make. I can accept being called a whingeing Pom, but “Tim Tams.. nothing comes close” needs closer scrutiny. I, like DC, have downed a Tim Tam or two (I find one has to sample at least a packet of biscuits before one can make a qualitative judgement) and would concur with DC’s assessment. And if Tunnocks wafers and teacakes leave them floundering in their wake, Empire Biscuits kick sand in their face and take their dinner money. Not that one wishes to appear to be condoning bullying in any shape or form.

Must go. Check back in during the first week in February. A bientôt…

14 thoughts on “Watch this space”

  1. Good to hear OHFTC may continue in some form, for a wee bit longer anyway.

    I know I may be castigated for this but I honestly can’t discern between Tim Tams and Penguins. My own preference would be for a Gold Bar or some other Caramac coated biscuit.

  2. ok. I confess – tunnocks tea cakes are out of this world amazing. Alas they’re not readily available here.. but you can keep the caramel wafers DC.
    Tim Tams are without question better than Penguins Kenny… Penguins taste like cheap imitations.

    it’s hot here. Wish i was going skiing.

  3. Don’t let the absence of wi-fi limit your ability to blog. Do what I do when inspiration (or traffic jams) strikes – blog offline on your PDA or on paper, transpose ’em to the blog proper then futz with the datestamps to keep ’em in order.

    You’re not getting away from your blogging responsibilities that easily 😎


  4. To move on to a different form of sustenance entirely, I’ve spotted a couple of ads at bus stops for a drink called “Quinn’s”. It claims to be made from “100% fruit” although I suspect a cursory glance at the list of ingredients might disprove this. Also, it is alcoholic. It struck me as mildly ironic that a drink bearing the Quinn name should be (or at least claim to be) entirely fruit based. Andrew gets a nose bleed & comes out in a cold sweat if he mistakenly wanders into the fruit & veg aisle at Tesco while on the quest for empire biscuits.

  5. Andrew ate two (count them.. TWO) lychees whilst in Sydney. He, understandably, looked a little concerned when I handed him the fruit… but I think it was the fact that once peeled, they look like you’re about to bite into an eyeball, that convinced him it was a delicacy worth trying!!

  6. and in other great (humorous)Australian news..–muffin-top/2007/01/25/1169594404469.html

    The arbiter of Australian English, the Macquarie Dictionary, has declared “muffin top” the word of the year for 2006 – even though it is two words –

    The dictionary defines “muffin top” as a colloquial noun that refers to the fold of fat around the midriff which spills over the top of tight-fitting pants or skirts on the overweight.
    The victory for “muffin top” came after it was shortlisted for the 2005 American Dialect Society’s most creative word, only to lose out to “whale tail” – the bit of a g-string, or thong, that shows above the waistband at the back of pants or skirts.

  7. Wow – now the blog has become educational! Andrew, perhaps some of your contributors could provide you with some words for use at the forthcoming Scrabble showdown.

  8. Dear anon

    Sadly Wiseman isn’t making the ski trip due to an unmentionable injury. Although he’s been quite happy mentioning it.

    PS Are you Kenny D in disguise?

  9. wow. whoever you are anon – well done in bringing AQ onto the blog scene – he responded to you.

    YAY for Wiseman!!!

  10. Why would I vote for Wiseman when I knew fine well he wasn’t going anymore?

    I think I know who your guest blogger’s going to be anyway.

  11. It’s an insomniac residing in a different time zone. I suppose I’m like Kenny D, sans lemon Fanta and black tea. More like Pepsi and reduced-fat milk, perhaps.

    I head up the Wiseman Fan Club over here in N. America. Admittedly, our membership stats are low (we’re just getting off the ground). It’s extremely difficult to gain momentum when the local population’s knowledge of cricket is non-existent. Appreciation of TimTams and Penguins, however, is high.

    Was stunned to learn of aforementioned injury. Wiseman – take good care (cuddles)

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