Donegal, Mon 22 October

Woke even earlier today, and eventually decided to get up at 6.45. I came into this holiday believing that I owed a large sleep debt to my body. I had imagined that I could pay it back in daily instalments over the course of the week. However it appears to be too proud to accept my charity.

Thought I might be able to sit up and watch the sun rise over the Inishowen Peninsula to the East. However, it’s late October in the West of Ireland, and I’m listening to the wind wildly flinging rain against the cottage instead.

Enquiries about noises in the night drew a blank from the girls, so the mouse must be restricting its movements to directly above my room. Shazza and Broon have elected to share the twin room on the other side of the cottage. Very disappointing.

Wiseman went for a run.

After lunch the weather settled and we went on a drive along the coast up to Fanad Head, stopping off at Ballyhiernan beach for a walk before returning to Portsalon, a twilight beach walk (only as far as the first ‘river’, as fording it in the darkness proved impossible) and Shazza’s fajitas, which went down a treat.

Broon was finished by the time tea had settled, and disappeared upstairs to bed.

Shazza went soon after, and Wiseman and I prayed for a bit before following their lead.

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