Donegal, Sun 21 October

Awoke at 6.45am. There was a sense of finality about my body’s decision on the matter. All was quiet, and still dark. I buried it into submission somewhere under the duvet and eventually eked out another couple of hours’ sleep.

Went for a long windswept walk along the length of Portsalon beach after breakfast.

Came back for a spot of lunch, before heading south down the coast to Rathmullan, Milford, Ramelton and Letterkenny. Had Second Lunch in ‘Sienna’ in Letterkenny.

Returned to the cottage and relaxed, until the stillness was shattered by the arrival of Broon and Shazza.

Arguments commenced over Van Morrison, Damien Rice, the lighting, and other assorted trivia.

However they did provide redemption in the form of sugar, limes for the Coronas, and a cricket bat.

Had pizzas for tea.

Was cloudy all day today, but dry. Sun tried to break through a couple of times but didn’t quite manage it.

Bed by 10.30pm. Mouse made its nightly presence felt. The room upstairs is carpeted, which means the mouse must have been under the floorboards, judging by the racket it was making. This is disappointing, as it makes the girl-squealing-on-a-chair routine an unlikely event.

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