First Test, Day 1

So, it hasn’t been a great start for England. Australia 346/3, with Ponting unbeaten on one hundred and thirty-something overnight, and Mike Hussey looking ominous as well.

There are two clear reasons why Australia dominated the first day so easily.

(1) I didn’t manage to finish reading the Times Ashes supplement, which threw my whole Ashes buildup into disarray

(2) I was eating the wrong chocolates for the first hour and a half of the first session. Big packet of Aero things, green packet. GREEN packet, I ask you. It’s Maltesers tonight, red and white packet, can’t go wrong. And Empire Biscuits (thanks Neebs) – more red and white.

So I think I’ve put (2) right, although the Malteser supply has been significantly depleted by Mrs Robbo. However, despite some speed-reading, I haven’t quite finished that jolly supplement yet. Been a busy evening. Mr Robbo is installed on the sofa sous duvet and ready for the cricket to recommence. Time for me to sign off and join him. In watching the cricket, not under the duvet.

Duvet? It’s not often I prefer American terms to British, but I think ‘comforter’ might be more appropriate.

Come ON the Poms 🙂

5 thoughts on “First Test, Day 1”

  1. morning,

    I do love the sound of you and a comforter. brings visions of Darlene singing “Glory to the King” ( Ahh the nostrils of worship. (think about it).

    so, what’s even more amusing is reading your chat after listening to the close of play on BBC Radio Five Live.

    how disappointed you are now, yet how full of hope you were then.

    i will join you in an empire bisuit of condolance. they should just concede this test now and save their strength!

  2. Andrew i am now beginning to realise why i fear for a touring England side that was truly awful. Changes need to be made. I say Panesar and Mahmood in for the next test if we go down we should go down fighting and at the moment we are only a one man team. but do not fear i seem to recall we lsot the first test last year and everyone thought that was it i think we can bounce back

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